Murugesu (Ram) Ramachandran

David Bailey and his crew from Top of the Ladder Gutter Cleaning have cleaned the gutters and down pipes of all three rental properties this morning. Unlike the previous cleaners who have been using a hand blower to casually blow away leaves and dust leaving the hardened soil, dirt and debris intact, David’s crew manually cleaned all gutters and down pipes professionally to my satisfaction. Yes, they are 30% to 40% more expensive than others but it is worth paying that premium to have peace of mind. In my view, next to natural disasters and fire, the damage due to the overflowing gutters and downpipes could be very significant and therefore having the gutters cleaned without cutting corners is important. I strongly recommend David and his crew for any property owners who would like to have their gutters and downpipes professionally cleaned.

Please have the gutters and downpipes of my properties cleaned by David and crew annually.