Gutter cleaning is one of those regular property maintenance tasks we all know needs to be done, yet nobody really enjoys it. Getting up on the ladder and reaching into a pool of semi-decomposed debris is hardly an appealing concept. Some people are also restricted by the fact that they can’t climb a ladder or hold a bucket in the first place. At Top of the Ladder, we get it. That’s why we offer a cheap and cheerful specialist gutter cleaning service across the city.

We understand the unique needs that Guildford locals have in terms of keeping their storm water systems clean, and their gutters free of potentially hazardous dry material. For properties backing on to one of the many parks and reserves in the area, there is a particular concern regarding bird mess, nesting materials, and debris from trees. We’re happy to remove it all for you, and can even dispose of everything we remove. With specialist equipment including extendable tools and the option for scaffolding, we can take care of short and multi-storey buildings alike.

Our gutter cleaning for Guildford locals includes:

  • Full removal of dirt, debris and litter
  • Cleaning and tidying around the work area
  • Scrubbing/scraping of moss or mould if present
  • Recommendations for keeping gutters clear for longer
  • Downpipe cleaning

Optional extras include roof pressure cleaning and solar panel cleaning. These services complement each other by reducing and preventing future growth and build-ups.

For more information or to get your free quick quote, call 0413 821 940.