At Top of the Ladder Gutter Cleaning we also provide the most cost-effective solar panel cleaning Perth has to offer.

With the rising costs of power it is essential that solar panels are regularly cleaned to ensure that they are producing the highest power output as possible. The rain does not clean your panels! In fact, rain can carry microscopic amounts of minerals, which can build up over time to leave the surface looking dirty and clouded. Then, there’s the debris that can fall on the panels, even when they’re not in the direct line of a tree.

Our solar panel cleaning services follow manufacturers cleaning guidelines and will not void your solar panels warranty. We use gentle formulas and non-abrasive equipment to get each panel looking practically new again.

Maximise Your Solar Panels Output

Our scratch free cleaning method ensures your solar panels produce their maximum output. Studies suggest that the average dirty solar panel produces 7.5% less power than a clean panel — heavily soiled ones even more. If you’re relying on your panels to avoid buying power off the grid, cleaning could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

No matter where your solar panels are located we can safely clean them. Our solar panel cleaners are trained in accessing potentially hazardous work sites including high roofs. All of our team members are fully equipped with extendable tools so they can reach every corner of your panels.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional company that provides solar panel cleaning Perth wide, then look no further! Protect your investment and Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.