What Does the Guttering System Do?

What Does the Guttering System Do?

You have probably noticed that while most homes and buildings have gutters and guttering systems, some don’t. This has made some people wonder if they actually need a guttering system at home. In this post we explain what a guttering system is, the components it’s comprised of, why it’s important and how our services prevent water damage to your home.

What Gutters Do

Gutters run along the side of the roof on your home and reroute the rain that falls so that the water is directed away from the building and the foundations on which it’s built. Without a properly functioning guttering system, one that’s kept free of leaves and debris, the water would collect around the foundations, water-logging the area and potentially causing serious damage.

What’s more, the guttering system and its components also helps to prevent damage to the roof and the walls of your building. If it isn’t functioning as it should, which is usually due to a build-up of materials (leaves, dirt, flowers, seeds and other debris), it’s unable to provide these important functions and your home is placed at great risk of water damage.

The Guttering System

The system comprises several components that work together to reroute the water that falls on your roof as rain away from your home and its foundations. These components are:

  • Gutter — This is the long tray that runs along the side of your roof to collect rainwater. Aluminium gutters are the most popular gutter material in Australia, though plastic and steel gutters (among other materials) are often used.
  • End cap — Depending on the guttering system, there’s an end cap on each end of the gutter. This component provides an end to the gutter so that water can’t flow out.
  • Downpipe — Through this component (which is located beneath the gutter) the water flows into the designated exit point, usually a drain.

These are the main components of a standard residential guttering system.

Regular Gutter Cleaning is Essential

To keep your gutters and the other components of the guttering system free of debris and enable it to perform the important function that it’s designed to, regular gutter cleaning is essential. Some of the many benefits associated with regular gutter cleaning include:

  • Preventing costly water damage to your home
  • Maintaining a functioning guttering system
  • Preventing damage to the landscaping
  • Avoiding nesting areas for birds, insects etc.

The experienced gutter cleaning team at Top of the Ladder Gutter Cleaning will remove all the debris from your roof and gutters to prevent it becoming lodged in your downpipes and bag it as we collect it. If we notice any areas that have become damaged, we’ll inform you of the damage and the options that you’re advised to take.

For a comprehensive range of gutter cleaning and related services, including solar panel cleaning and high pressure cleaning, contact Top of the Ladder Gutter Cleaning today. We’ll help you to maintain a healthy and properly functioning guttering system that protects your home.