Why Professional Solar Panel Cleaning is a Must

Why Professional Solar Panel Cleaning is a Must

If you have solar panels on your home, then it is vital to ensure that they get cleaned properly and professionally on a regular basis to make sure that they work to the best of their ability. Contrary to what many homeowners think, rain doesn’t clean solar panels and you need to get them expertly cleaned to avoid damaging them by cleaning them yourself as the panels can be extremely easy to damage.

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services, including solar panel cleaning and gutter cleaning and with regular cleaning, you can be sure that your solar panels will be producing the highest possible output. Everything from fallen debris to dust and water can make your solar panels dirty and all of this needs to be properly cleaned away to make sure that the panels underneath are producing the output of power that they are designed to do.

Interesting Fact: Not only does rain water not clean your solar panels but it actually makes them dirtier, as it contains minerals that build up making the panels cloudy and dirty.

Cleaning Methods

Our cleaning methods ensure that your panels won’t get damaged when we clean them and it is vital to follow specific cleaning guidelines when washing solar panels, as they are delicate and are easy to scratch and this type of unnecessary damage can also invalidate your warranty for them.

Here’s how we clean the panels:

  • We use a gentle cleaning formula
  • Our equipment is non-abrasive
  • The methods we use won’t scratch the panels
  • Panels will look like new after the cleaning process

Solar panels need to produce their maximum output in order to do their job properly and research shows that dirty panels produce around 7.5% less power compared to clean panels, which proves just how important it is to keep them clean.

Why Hire a Professional

Paying a professional to clean your solar panels is a must and compared to the cost of buying electricity off the grid, cleaning is a far cheaper option. Dirty panels don’t work effectively and this is why it is vital to get them professionally cleaned.

Cleaning solar panels is a job that is far better left to an expert with experience and specialist training for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Solar panels are usually located up high, so cleaning them requires getting on a ladder and working at a height which can be dangerous
  • Knowing what solution to use to effectively clean solar panels without damaging them is vital
  • You need to have access to specialist equipment to do a good job, such as extendable tools

It doesn’t matter where your solar panels are located on your property, we can help you to clean and maintain them properly to ensure that they are working as effectively as possible. Contact us today for further information about our services or to organise a free no obligation quote.